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What Are Some Different Advertising Tactics?

What Are Some Different Types of Advertising?

There are many thousands of different ways to advertise your business. Many of these are on the internet, via branded videos, advertorials, branded chat rooms, banners, and sponsored websites, to name a few. Some examples are:

  • Digital Advertising:
    • Online advertising often shows up as ads on web pages and sites, as these are the major revenue producers on the internet.
    • A type of online advertising, called native advertising, is a digital variation of sponsored content and print ads.
    • Many times, ads are placed purposefully on popular websites and many high-traffic social media websites.
    • Google, a major search engine, allows businesses to bid on ads placed on search results pages through Google Ads. Using keywords or the most commonly searched words or terms, advertisements related to the search will show up for businesses correlated with that search term or word. An example of this is that if you wanted to advertise car insurance, for instance, advertisements for insurance companies will automatically show up on the search results page, making it more likely that their services will be used. If a consumer clicks on the ad, the business will pay Google a small fee on a cost per click This benefits Google, the insurance company, and the consumer.
    • Similarly, Google AdSense will allow a business to host ads on their website from Google in order to generate money for the site. If a business is looking to advertise, they simply enroll in both Google and AdSense, and Google will automatically match the advertisement through its algorithms with associated content or search parameters. This benefits the business by reaching a larger following, and it benefits Google by placing their ads on other websites, which generates more traffic.
    • Another type of advertising is LinkedIn Advertising, which reaches millions of users of the LindedIn platform. Often, LinkedIn pages are associated with a company website, since it is a platform for professionals that showcases a persons professional life, businesses, and accomplishments. Another benefit of LinkedIn is that the employees of the company being advertised can make their own LinkedIn pages with similar content that link back to the company website, generating more business.
    • Interestingly, LinkedIn has gone a step further, and advertisements placed by companies will target particular demographics of people or their traits. This is because LinkedIn members often belong to groups, like people who work in insurance or have an accounting degree, for instance, and the ads will target specific groups, expanding the amount of people that the advertisement reaches. Therefore, you can increase the odds of your advertisement fulfilling its intended purpose—highlighting your business and generating revenue—by going after people who would be more likely to need or want your service or product.
    • Social media websites like Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, and Facebook, also offer advertising programs that are comparable to the ones that Google and LinkedIn have. Targeting audiences with your advertisement is always more likely to generate revenue from people who need a specific service or product, so research is important.
    • Online advertisements are the best way to reach a large audience and the most likely to be successful in generating revenue.
  • Mobile Phone/Device Advertising
    • iPads, cell phones, Kindles, and the like are also a great way to advertise, especially through social media platforms. Much the same as online advertising, this is another popular way to get your business recognized.
  • Print Advertising
    • Although it is not as successful as digital advertising, you may want to consider print advertising through periodicals, magazines, newspapers, or brochures, leaflets, and flyers. This largely depends on your target audience and whether or not they would be exposed to these types of print advertisings. This is a good way to advertise if you have a large amount of information that is too much for a digital ad.
  • Other Types of Advertisements
    • Direct Mail Advertising
    • Guerrilla Advertising
    • Broadcast Advertising
    • Outdoor Advertising
    • Public Service Advertising
    • Product Placement Advertising


Whichever way you choose to advertise, research your target audience first and figure out which advertising method they are most likely to be exposed to. This is a sure way to get your business noticed and generate traffic and revenue.

Posted By : Ashley G.
On : 2.21.21
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